The Most Natural (REMEDY) Secret to Clear Skin

The most popular question I get asked on acne – “What is the very FIRST step I can take today, that will start clearing my skin?”

I have the answer, but it may surprise you…

Applying all the holistic recommendations for skin clearing will help (that’s what I’m here for!), but if you hold off on this one specific step, you just may delay the process. There’s one very crucial component that YOU must put into practice, because it holds every nutrient, every skincare product, every tangible healing property like glue.

What Won’t Work               

Let me start off by stating what will not help – maybe to a certain degree, but hey, we want some permanent results coming from holistic, nature giving point of view.

Well, beauty – it isn’t that fancy treatment serum that’s promising you the world of a celebrity worthy skin.

It’s also not that ONE vitamin that will eliminate your internal inflammation in just ONE day (have patience, it will take some time).

And finally, it’s especially not THAT prescription that you’ve probably taken in the past to no avail and wondering if you should do another round because those are the doctors’ orders!

Okay, should I stop the suspense and let you know of a little secret?

Here it is…

The Secret

Loving yourself in the present moment.

The best part?

Its free and available to you ANYTIME you CHOOSE.

**At the end of this post, I’ll give you some of my favorite tips how make self-love turn to self-healing.

When you learn to accept yourself, and begin where you are to LOVEeverything will change. Not just your skin, but your outer world in return to your inner acceptance.

“But how do I accept this skin?” – you may ask. “I look at it and hate it!”

Approximately 7 years ago, I did just that.

At the time, I was going through a painful breakup (while having acne) and didn’t know anything about natural + holistic practices of healing the skin at that time.

I was in so much pain for months and got to the point where I couldn’t take it anymore.

I woke up one warm weekend day and while running an errand, I looked around the sunshine filled streets and just released. I DECIDED right there and then, I would be happy no matter what my past may or may not look like.

Looking back, all that anger and sadness inside of me was seeking a way out.

I began to feel true LOVE for myself because I was so sick, really sick to my core of the past 6 months and was over all the hating, the crying, the arguing.

It was almost like…Love was the only way out and I took it.

My Circumstances Started to Change…

Friends that I haven’t spoken to in years, popped back into my life with such warm-hearted gratitude. Coworkers were sweet and easy going. My grades improved (college days). I started dropping pounds and became much slimmer.

But the biggest breakthrough- was MY SKIN!

Please keep in mind, I had acne since the tender age of 10!

I did a complete 360-degree turn.

Cystic acne – gone!

Pigmentation – gone!

And all I did, was felt LOVE for myself because I decided to- on MY terms!

My skin was clear and better for the next 6 months! Imagine that…

After 6 months, the so-called reality creeped in, my mind got cluttered, anxiety went into overdrive and I was back to the same acne filled nightmare.

It was a nice 6 month break I had. Nice while it lasted, right?

Well, my lovely, it doesn’t have to be 6 months, nor a year…it can be forever and always, as it should.

Learn to Love yourself no matter where you are in life. And pretty please, DO NOT let something like acne do you harm and bring hate to your beautiful skin. It all starts from within- your mind is more powerful than you think.

Remember, the Universe loves you and got your back! But you must love it in return. That’s the trick.

Most of us weren’t taught that self-love is vital to our wellbeing nor that it will bring true happiness. I think most of us were given thoughts that we MUST serve others before serving ourselves. But you know what, I have a question per that statement…

Where does one start, if h/she doesn’t have any love to give?

Hmmm…ponder on that one a bit!

Self-Love = Self-Healing Tips

– First, watch how you speak to yourself every day – having acne makes your thoughts + words + feelings come out negative, because THAT reflection isn’t what you wish to see, which creates less than favorable outcome on an oncoming day.

Therefore, learn to be gentle with yourself in your thoughts (which turn to words, which turn to feelings; it’s a cycle that needs to be rehashed) – you’re the only you! There’s no one else like you.

-Second, be grateful for what you already have that your lovely soul can admire.

If you see an unexpected pimple come up when you wake up, just know it’s NOT the end of the world! You’ve got other beautiful features that you can be grateful for. Maybe it’s your sexy, thick eyelashes that give off a flirtatious wink ;). Maybe it’s those gorgeous, toned legs that are all envy among your friends. Whatever it is, focus on the opposite of THAT blemish(es).

-And finally, learn to take 5 minutes every day and focus on the present.

Think about this…if you’re sitting down having coffee with your bff – having a blast chatting away – focus on that– what issues (including your skin) are you focusing on right there and then? You are being present having a fun filled time with your friend and not giving a hoot of anything else that’s bothering you (including your skin) – again, your focus is re-focused to the present moment, the only one that really matters and should matter if you start making it a pattern.

Everything else will start fading into a background, silently. Including that acne, because your re-focus will become stronger on other positive subjects.

In conclusion…

Stay tuned on this subject, as I know many of you need some guidance (easier said than done to love myself, right?). I’m working on something very special that will help you be the Love + Light that you absolutely deserve to be!

Have you tried, I mean really tried loving yourself no matter what reflection you see in that mirror? Share in the comments below!

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