Favorite Herbal Teas (Remedies for Acne)

When dealing with acne, one probably gets frustrated to understand what beverages to consume – especially in the morning. Cutting out sugar + caffeine is A LOT to ask! I know! Oh, my morning caffeinated bff – how I miss you! But, foregoing on those 2 mentioned ingredients can go a long way to clarifying your skin.

What if I told you there are replacements that can improve the health of your skin if you were to add them in to your weekly routine.

My top 3 favorite teas that I’ll introduce in this post will clarify how each has certain health benefits to problematic skin. Heck, even aging skin…one particular tea has been touted as nature’s Botox.

The other 2 are great for cleansing and purifying organs, which translates to clearer, firmer and healthier complexion.

The teas I’ll be talking about are all caffeine-free!

Please understand that when acne is a continual battle, food adjustments must be made, which includes cutting out caffeine + sugar. You can read here on why caffeine (especially coffee) could be aggravating your acne further.

Sugar is detrimental for skin health because it spikes one’s glycemic index, which creates Inflammation in the body and thus purges acne unto the surface. In addition, the same inflammation reaction produces enzymes to break down collagen and elastin – creating premature aging. You can read more here on sugar and acne.

Let’s talk healthy tea that will beautify your skin + all the little tricks to make it much tastier!


I love the juicy tartness flavor of pure hibiscus tea – It just speaks tropics to me!

Skin Benefits

  • Known as “nature’s Botox plant” – it plumps the skin due to its high content of Vitamin C
  • Increases skin’s elasticity for a youthful appearance
  • Helps to speed up cell turnover, resulting in a more even looking skin tone – including fading hyperpigmentation from acne and sun damage
  • Rich in antioxidants, which helps to fight skin damaging free radicals from environmental pollution + ultraviolet rays
  • Is anti-inflammatory, which helps inflamed skin through soothing + calming properties

The taste of pure hibiscus tea (without any added flavors or other teas mixed in) is very tart and not sweet – resembles a bit of cranberry juice, but without the bitterness. I’m speaking on the pure cran juice, not the Ocean Spray variety.

If you don’t like your tea to be very tart, I’d recommend a drop or two of sweet drops stevia, which cuts the tartness and adds a nice, mellower touch to the beverage.

Drinking hibiscus tea first thing in the morning will ensure a hydrated, moisture boosting and clarifying complexion due to the nutrients from the plant not needed to compete with no other ingredients from other foods or beverages. Wait 10-15 minutes before eating breakfast to ensure proper absorption from the tea.

Personally, the organic herbal medicinals hibiscus tea always tastes fresh, fragrant and simply pure.


Very earthy + a little muddy tasting would be my best answer on describing dandelion tea. It has amazing benefits for your skin – which starts from one of your very vital organs (liver) that detoxifies impurities, which in turn leads to clear + fresh complexion.

Skin Benefits

  • Nutrients + vitamins in dandelion help with cleansing and purifying the liver, which is responsible for processing waste
  • Aids the digestive tract by maintaining the proper flow of bile, meaning more toxic waste coming out, which is needed to improve the skin
  • Rich in Vitamin C, which helps will better mineral absorption – vital for skin’s cell regeneration + scar tissue from acne scarring
  • Reduces inflammation – since chronic acne is inflammation, this will jumpstart the internal healing process, thus showing per skin’s health + clarity

I love the richness of earthy flavor that dandelion root tea gives off. Some may find this tea a little to muddy and dirt like in taste. However, dandelion is especially amazing for clarifying the liver, which is ONE of the most important organs responsible for clearing skin from acne.

Personally, I prefer roasted dandelion tea versus just the regular. The roasted variety has that rich (a bit of coffee flavor), nutty taste. I love this one from traditional medicinals.

You can always sweeten it up with some stevia or add an unsweetened nut milk or creamer for more depth in flavor.

Dandelion tea can be enjoyed anytime of the day – the roasted variety does resemble coffee just a bit, so drinking it in the morning may play a significant part for you – not to mention all the skin benefits!


Another earthy tasting tea that promotes magical skin benefits!

Skin Benefits

  • Most known for purifying + cleansing the blood, which is essential for a healthy blood circulation – improves overall skin’s health. Healthy blood = Happy skin
  • Promotes a healthy lymph flow – lymphatic system is our body’s “garbage disposal,” responsible for draining all the buildup of toxins and waste. When it operates in a healthy state, skin won’t be clogging up as easily
  • High in fiber as well as vitamin B6, potassium and magnesium – all these vitamins + minerals are responsible for better nerve and heart function, which lowers stress level. Stressful environment heightens inflammation levels, which aggravates acenic skin further.
  • Scientific 2008 study showed that topical treatment with a natural burdock extract significantly improved the metabolism of the dermal extracellular matrix and led to a visible wrinkle reduction

The taste of burdock root tea is very similar to dandelion; however, dandelion roasted tea is more full bodied. Non-roasted dandelion root tastes very similar to burdock root, though.

I drink organic celebration herbals burdock sometimes throughout the day for some ease and calmness + to keep the skin clarity in check!

I drink all my teas unsweetened and don’t ever add any cream. However, burdock is def on the “very” muddy, dirty side of things or should I say, taste!

Adding some stevia or raw honey (if your skin can tolerate) will add some depth and sweetness to this ancient + healing beverage.


There you have it- my top 3 caffeine-free, herbal teas that mean some serious business when it comes to treating your skin + internal health. Drink these up every day and watch your skin transform from the magical roots and tropical flowers all while abstaining from coffee (I hope!) – don’t cheat!

Mix them up throughout the week for a variety or find which ones you like best.

Do you have favorite herbal teas that keep your complexion youthful + in check from acne? Do share, below!

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